Building DroneKit-Python on Linux

The setup for developing DroneKit-Python on Linux is almost the same as for using DroneKit-Python. We therefore recommend that you start by following the instructions in Installing DroneKit.

When you’ve got DroneKit and a vehicle (simulated or real) communicating, you can then build and install your own fork of DroneKit, as discussed below.

Fetch and build DroneKit source

  1. Fork the dronekit-python project on Github.

  2. Run the following commands to clone and build DroneKit (in the directory of your choice):

    git clone<your_fork_of_dronekit>/dronekit-python.git
    cd ./dronekit-python
    sudo python build
    sudo python install

Updating DroneKit

Navigate to your local git fork, pull the latest version, and rebuild/install:

cd ./<path-to-your-dronekit-fork>/dronekit-python
git pull
sudo python build
sudo python install